Why YL

Lifestyle and community.

Imagine achieving time and financial freedom, or making a side income, while removing toxic chemicals from your home, and showing others how to do the same. Countless moms earning incomes from home, dads able to retire, young people living lives beyond their dreams, professionals changing the trajectory of their lives – all because they shared how these products helped improve their lives.

The good news is, you can do this in your own time, and you have a friendly, helpful community of Daily Oilers to learn with, work alongside and succeed with you!

Ever heard of the 40-40-40?
Most people live it. Let us show you a better way.

40 hours a week.
40 years of your life.
Retire at 40% of your income.

Take a look around you. Most of the people you know, leave the house early, return home late, and spend precious few hours with their loved ones. Have you ever wanted more? More time, more freedom, more choices? I know I did!

Whether you want a healthier lifestyle, or want to help others do the same, help the environment by reducing toxins in products, Young Living fits the bill.

Check out these documents regarding YL earning potential:
Seed to Seal sets Young Living apart, and is the basis for our success.For more information, go to www.seedtoseal.com

People are becoming more aware for the need for natural and safe alternatives.

Treat the business like a hobby, get paid like a hobby. Treat it as a business and get paid like a business. There is no income ceiling.

Partner with YL, with over 23 years of experience in farming, cultivation and distilling. They own their own farms and work to improve coop farms and partner farms.

YL takes care of the orders and shipping, YOU take care of connecting people to its wonderful products.

Love to travel? Young Living is a GLOBAL business, with offices and farms all over the world. You can also earn free trips to the farms and to other locales including cruises as part of the YL lifestyle.

There are many tax advantages to owning a home-based business. Keep all your receipt and speak with your financial advisor.

When you are a product of a product, you can’t help but feel and look better.

Build a strong foundation, and your income will continue to grow, and is willable, which means you can pass on this legacy business to your children and grandchildren.

You can start anytime, and build anywhere. No special degrees required. Lots of resources and training is provided, be coachable and take action!

Ready to start your own business with Young Living? You’ve picked the best company to do this with, one that has long-term, proven consistency and growth.

Your 3 step process is called S.E.T.


Open your wholesale account and get your Premium Starter Kit, and begin using your 11 oils and diffuser. Get access to benefits such as:
– 24% discount on all future purchases
– access to YL’s generous compensation plan


As you start your journey to a chemical-free home, and to better wellness, use the Essential Rewards program to maximize savings and benefits such as:
– up to 25% back in ER points for free products
– access to free ER products and bonuses


When you get your kit, and love your products, it is natural to tell others and share your story. When you share with three friends and they get their kits, your kit is free! Help them get their own kits, and show them how to replicate and get access to commissions and compensation from Young Living.