Mint Satin Facial Scrub is now a 100% naturally-derived formula. We have removed wheat and soy proteins from the formula and have also added raspberry fruit extract (to act as an antioxidant), and apricot seed (as a natural exfoliant). These additions have also changed the texture and consistency of the product for a more gentle and moisturizing experience.

What are reasons to use the new formula?

+ Removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin 
+ Evens the appearance of skin tone 
+ Smooths and softens skin texture 
+ Improves the appearance of dull skin 
+ Reveals brighter, healthier-looking skin 
+ Promotes glowing, radiant skin 
+ Exfoliates to help products applied afterward (toner, lotions, etc.) absorb more easily 
+ Doesn’t strip or dry out skin 
+ Is formulated with naturally derived exfoliants 
+ Provides noticeable improvement after just one use 
+ Has an invigorating and cooling effect from Peppermint essential oil 
+ Is formulated without sulfates or parabens 
+ Is appropriate for oily to dry skin
5 ways to use:
When using Satin Mint facial scrub, wet face, apply pea size amount of scrub and rub in small circular motions lightly.

When washing off, wash with warm water and pat dry.

For best results, use 1-2x a week.

For extra skin care: Crush a tab of YL Super C, mix with Satin Mint facial scrub, and apply on skin.

I've also used to exfoliate burnt skin! First I apply Lavaderm After Sun spray or Lavaderm Mist, then when the skin starts to peel, I use Satin Mint facial scrub on the skin to scrub the dead skin away. Then I remind myself to make sure I wear sunscreen or cover up so it doesn't happen again! :)

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