Lilian Paiement

Name: Lilian Paiement
Member since: 2015
Young Living Independent Distributor # 3406553
Phone: 604-753-9232

At the end of a very stressful 2015, I discovered Young Living and the array of essential oils, through my niece Amber.

The starter Kit with the diffuser gave me a peaceful night sleep filled with the lavender oil and water. Then we used further combinations to help with stuffy noses and colds.

My husband burnt some spinach on the stove one night, and the whole house smelled like… within 5 minutes of using purification in the diffuser, the house was clean and fresh smelling. In the past I would have lit several vanilla candles and sprayed the house with Lysol or other unhealthy chemical air fresheners.

At a Hockey tournament to Seattle I brought along the trusty diffuser to eliminate the stuffy hotel room making it feel fresh and pure. I also used thieves spray to disinfect the room and clean the door handles and especially the remote.

Everyone in the family had gotten a horrible flu/ cold. I had tried the Ningxia Red at that time, that came in my starter kit and miraculously I was the only one that didn’t get so sick. A fabulous tasting powerful superfruit beverage that energizes, fortifies and revitalizes.

I use the Essential Oil app on my phone and it has given me so many uses and insight on the oils that came with the starter kit. They have been helpful for my family and my dogs.

My favourite oil has become “Joy”, a beautiful uplifting scent that I get a lot of compliments on while wearing it as it has a very subtle scent to it.

I love the outdoors and going for long walks with the dogs in nature. Fortunately we live in beautiful Port Moody which provides so much of this. As my two boys are getting older I now have a bit more time for myself and have recently taken up Yoga and a course.

I have met a wonderful group of people that are excited about the oils and a way to help compensate for their use. I feel good about sharing Young Living with my friends and family.

Would love to have you feel the benefits and join this great group.