10 Ways to use Peace & Calming

  • Use as perfume on the wrists and neck as desired to create the right sensory affect.
  • Add drops to unscented lotion or YL Bath & Shower gel base until you find the perfect custom blend..
  • Make a skin spray with 2 ounces of water and 10 drops of Peace & Calming to use whenever you want to refresh tired skin.
  • Rub P&C on bottom of feet before bed.
  • Add 5 drops of Peace & Calming and 5 drops of Copaiba to ½ cup of Epsom salt then add to the bath for a relaxing soak.
  • Use a diffuser to spread the invigorating and clean scent of Peace & Calming throughout your home.
  • Use with massage.
  • Blend with Citrus Fresh for a bright, invigorating scent perfect for the mornings before school, work or practice. 
  • Combine with water in a spray bottle and spritz around your home before your kids get home from school.
  • Take P&C with you on trips where normal sleep schedules may be disrupted or need adjusting.

My family's personal testimony

When my son Cam was 5 he began to have very bad nights, and we tried everything from making sure he didn't watch scary movies, wasn't upset at night, ate a good meal, but he still did not sleep well and would scream every night. He would also clench his jaw and ground his teeth to nubs! This went on for almost 5 years! Our friend suggested we use Peace and Calming, and for the first time in all that time, he slept well through the night. We cried, we were so happy.

He had been wearing mouthguard that we would have to replace every month, and over the next few months, as we adjusted by diffusing more oils, removing plug ins and cleaners and even changing our laundry soap, he started having calm and restful nights consistently. We notice his jaw was much more relaxed. After a while, he no longer needed the mouthguard.

The photos you see are his mouthguards each worn for 1 month, before and after P&C! 

Diffuser Recipes with Peace & Calming

HEY, TDO MEMBERS, DID YOU KNOW: We have oils that is labelled for food flavouring? Same oil, but different label, as required by Health Canada. It's called the PLUS line. Look for the bottle with the white label, with the (+) sign.  Want to know more about these oils? Log into our members hub and check it out here!