Melrose has 4 ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), Melaleuca Quinquernervia, Rosemary and Clove. It gets its name "Mel"+"Rose" from the Melaleuca oils and Rosemary.

Let's meet Melrose!
DIY with Melrose


Melrose provides a barrier against skin challenges and can help dispel odours when diffused.

• Add 10-15 drops to 1 cup of Epsom salt to make your own bath salts!

• Apply to fingertips and cuticles to help with hangnails.


• Did you know, Melrose is great for dispelling odours when diffused?

• Melrose is great to support the ears. Rub a couple drops behind and around ears (never in ears).

"These photos are of my cousin Kelsey, the day after her wedding during a very hot summer a few years ago. She got sunburnt, skin got tight and very itchy, and she broke out in these hive-type bumps. I gave her a roll on into which I mixed Melrose, Myrrh, Lavender, Purification and Frankincense. A few hours later, the bumps and splotchy redness were gone as was the itch and tightness. Summer is coming up; before and after sun care is very important!"

Kah-Mei Smith, BC
Diffuser recipes with Melrose

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