All about Idaho Blue Spruce


Grown from seed at the YL St Maries and Highland Flats farms.

Did you know that Idaho Blue Spruce is one of the highest frequency oils? At 580mHZ it reasonates well with an abundance of body systems.

This remarkable essential oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene and has a pleasing and relaxing evergreen aroma. Pro tip: it will be worth your while to research alpha-pinene, camphene and limonene, for example google "limonene for health."

Pairs well with other chest loving oils such as Lemon, RC or Raven. 

Considered a sacred tree by Native American tribes in the Northwest, it was used traditionally for smudging and purification rites as well as for physical health, poultices, digestive needs, immune support and more.

The oil is steam distilled from the wood, bark and needles.

5 ways to use Idaho Blue Spruce

• Diffuse to fill your space with its tranquil, woodsy, welcoming aroma.

• Apply to wrists, neck, ear lobes for prayer time, or medication, yoga, or reflection.

• Add to epsom salts to use in your weekly relaxing bath, or after exercise.

• Apply between large and second toe which is a trauma release reflex point. Hold the bottle up to your nose and inhale while doing this exercise.

• For men, use a drop on thyroid area daily, see how you feel!

Diffuser Recipes with Idaho Blue Spruce

HEY, TDO MEMBERS, DID YOU KNOW: We have oils that is labelled for food flavouring? Same oil, but different label, as required by Health Canada. It's called the PLUS line. Look for the bottle with the white label, with the (+) sign.  Want to know more about these oils? Log into our members hub and check it out here!