Let's meet Frankincense!
Ways to use Frankincense

Let's talk Frankincense! It’s one of my favorite oils in the Starter Bundle and adds incredible value to the kit. Do yourself a favour and research Frank and cells. You’ll see it’s worth it’s weight in gold!!! ❤ A doctor told me once that if there was an oil he would want everyone to use daily, it would be Frankincense. So I’m passing that wisdom to you, and hope you will join me in using this powerful, wonderful oil every day!

😆Why you need Frankincense:

🍃Amazing powerhouse for your health.
🍃Prized for its goodness in supporting healthy, beautiful skin, add several drops to your moisturizer. You'll thank me later💕
🍃Powerful in supporting emotions as it helps to activate the emotional thinking versus the logical thinking part of your brain.
🍃Powerful in supporting healthy sleep.
🍃Helps support healthy hormones.

 DIY Facial Toner
Make a DIY toner by filling a 3-ounce glass bottle with witch hazel and adding 7 drops Frankincense and 7 drops Lavender. You can add tea tree oil if you like. Shake before applying with a cotton ball.

DIY with Frankincense

Bath blend suggestions


Frankincense is very soothing in the bath, and calming.

Here are some blends with Frankincense you might enjoy!

Frank + Orange
Frank + Peace & Calming
Frank + Lavender
Frank + Tea Tree
Frank + Vanilla
Diffuser Recipes with Frankincense

HEY, TDO MEMBERS, DID YOU KNOW: We have oils that is labelled for food flavouring? Same oil, but different label, as required by Health Canada. It's called the PLUS line. Look for the bottle with the white label, with the (+) sign.  Want to know more about these oils? Log into our members hub and check it out here!