Friend, what if you had a vision for what you want?

Let's meet Envision!
7 ways to use Envision

 1) Envision essential oil is a beautiful blend of Black Spruce, Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Sage, and ROSE. It can help to open the brain and help you to daydream. When you are sad, upset, angry etc and your vision is gone. You can’t see what’s possible, use it with Motivation.

2) Diffuse this one when you need need to snap back to an inspired state!! It’s great during hour weekly planning sessions or anytime you need to get organized and inspired. 

3) Diffuse often to help you look forward to a future different than what you have experienced in the past.

4) Apply on diffuser jewelry or wear as perfume as emotional grounding and uplifting.

5) Apply topically for emotional support.

6) Use to help inspire clarity and vision when creating goals. Add a drop to the palms of your hands, rub them together, and hold them up to your nose and inhale. As you inhale, remember your goals, and set your intentions on making them happen!

7) Diffuse with Citrus Fresh for a sparkly burst of inspiration.

Diffuser recipes with Envision

DIY Perfume with Envision

My Envision personal experience
There was a time that I was stuck in my mindset. I had brain fog, I couldn't make decisions quickly enough. You ever been that way? It was no fun.

In desperation, I went to my box of oils and prayed, and I have no other way to tell you, but a few oils, including Transformation and Envision, literally flew into my hands. I put them on, and I could literally feel the fog lifting.

I was able to make decisions quickly after that.

HEY, TDO MEMBERS, DID YOU KNOW: We have oils that is labelled for food flavouring? Same oil, but different label, as required by Health Canada. It's called the PLUS line. Look for the bottle with the white label, with the (+) sign.  Want to know more about these oils? Log into our members hub and check it out here!