Let's meet Endoflex!


• Add a few drops to your face and body lotion. Geranium(one of the ingredients), is a skin-loving oil!

• Helps support endocrine system, so use for healthy hair, nails, and skin.


• Endoflex contains Geranium, which helps with discharge of toxins from the liver. So when you're feeling bogged down, roll this oil on!

• Myrtle, another ingredient, has cleansing properties, so diffuse and enjoy!


• I roll this blend over my thyroid daily to help manage my moods, soooo helpful.

• Nutmeg, another ingredient in Endoflex, has adrenal cortex-like activity, which helps with energy.

• Sage, another ingredient, is known to help release mental blocks and help with mental fatigue as well as strengthen and ground.

Gentle Blossoms: 3 drops Roman Chamomile + 4 drops Endoflex + 2 drops Grapefruit
Lovely: 4 drops Endoflex + 4 drops Citrus Fresh + 3 drops Frankincense
Love Potion: 4 drops Bergamot + 3 drops Endoflex + 3 drops Vetiver
Candy Hearts: 4 drops Endoflex + 3 drops Wintergreen + 3 drops Orange

DID YOU KNOW: We have oils that is labelled for food flavouring? Same oil, but different label, as required by Health Canada. It's called the PLUS line. Look for the bottle with the white label, with the (+) sign.  Want to know more about these oils? Check it out here.