There's 8, yes EIGHT, ways to get paid with Young Living as a brand partner! But first, here is the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS)  showing the average monthly income possible. For full info, go here.

Ok, let's talk about the 8 ways to earn income with Young Living!

Earn a $25 USD / approx $32 CAD bonus when your new member purchases a starter bundle in the calendar month that they enrol in. For example, you enrol Suzy on Jan 1. As long as she purchases a starter bundle between Jan 1-31, you qualify for the starter bundle bonus. If you enrol Suzy on Jan 31 but she does not purchase a starter bundle until Feb 1, the Starter Bundle Bonus is forfeited.

during the first 3 calendar months of every person you enrol, you earn 25% of your new members purchases, up to $258 CDN per member per month. For example, you enrol Suzy, who placed a 150PV order in month 1. You earn $37.50 in fast start bonus that month. She then places 190PV each in months 2 and 3, that means you earn $47.50 per month for months 2 and 3.

SO.... if you enrol someone with a Starter Bundle, you would earn approximately $32.25CDN for the Starter Bundle Bonus, and 25% of the 100PV which is $25USD or $32.25CDN , so approximately $65 CDN for that member that very first month.

when someone you enrolled, enrols someone else, you earn 10% on that person's purchases for the first 3 calendar months, up to $103.20 per person per month. For example, you enrolled Suzy, who then enrols Amy. Amy places a 100PV order that first month. Suzy earns 25% and you earn 10% that month from Amy's purchases.

the flat rate commission you make on all purchases that your members make. These percentages vary depending on which level the member is on. Level 1: 8%, Level 2: 5%, Level 3: 4%, Level 4: 4%, Level 5: 4%

This is a BONUS program Young Living offers, you will see YL is very generous. This program allows you to earn cash bonuses as you hit ranks, and sets you up for long term success in your business while earning nice cash bonuses on the way. More info for US here and for Canada here. 

RANKS: As your business grows, and your OGV reaches specific numbers (example Sr Star is 2000 OGV), you reach new ranks. Every rank is a milestone and we are so excited to celebrate it with you! In your virtual office, click on "rank qualification" tab to see each rank's requirements and where you currently stand, and what you need to reach the next rank.

A generation is not a level. You know you get paid a certain % for each person in your levels 1-5. For generations, forget levels. Or try your best to, ok? Stick with me, i'll explain. The first generation is also known as your personal generation. That is all the people in your downline in all of your legs UP TO but not including any silvers. Generation 2 is when you hit a Silver or above in your personal generation, anywhere in your downline, in any leg, in different levels. Generation 3 is when you hit a silver or above in your generation 2. See the graphic above to help you understand!

Ok, so now that you understand generations, let's talk Generation leadership bonus. This is a share value based on 6.25% of all commissionable sales every month in YL. They share this amount between Silvers and above. So, if YL has 10M in sales that means 6.25% of that which is $625K will be shared with Silvers and above that month. If they have 5K shares to award, then that month each share is worth $156.25. The shares and the amount is different every month because 1)it is based on that month's commissionable sales and 2)the amount is shared between silvers+ each month and that changes every month depending on each rep's rank that month. I like to use Oily Tools and Oily Trends to help determine the amount each month. You will receive 1 share for Silver, 2 shares for being Gold that month, 3 shares for platinum, etc. You will ALSO receive shares for Silvers or above in your downline. Remember what I said about if you are successful, we are successful? Yes! We want to help build as many Silver+ in our organizations! There is a caveat though, and it's a good check/balance. You only earn as many shares on any given person as you earn yourself. What that means is, if you are a Silver, you earn one share for every Silver+. Let's say you have a Platinum under you. A platinum earns 3 shares. However, you are a Silver, and will not earn 3 shares for that Platinum. Since you only earn one share for yourself, your maximum shares awarded for that Platinum leader is also only one share. When you reach Platinum rank, and earn 3 shares yourself, THEN you will earn 3 shares for that Platinum as well. 

This bonus commission is paid on the total PV of all the generations you qualify to get paid on each month, based on your rank that month. Remember, it does not matter where the Silver is, on what level, on what leg. 

The bonus is paid at minimum 3 generations at Silver, all the way to 8 generations deep at Royal Crown Diamond. The percentages are as follows:
Gen 1: 2.5%
Gen 2: 3%
Gen3: 3%
Gen4: 3%
Gen5: 3%
Gen6: 3%
Gen7: 3%
Gen8: 1%

So your personal generation payout would be a minimum 10,000 OGV (what is needed to be Silver) x .25 = $250 as your personal generation leadership commission.

If you are a Silver who has a Silver in your downline, their downline is Gen 2, you would earn 3% on their OGV. I've included a graphic for you to follow below. The minimum you would earn on Gen 2 is $300 (10,000 OGV x .30 = $300). The more leadership growth you help facilitate, and the more silvers you help grow, the more generations you unlock. The more rank qualifications you make for yourself, the more generations become available to you. Awesome!

While Fast Start (see above) is in play for the first 3 months of every new member you enrol/sponsor, the generation leadership commission is reduced by 70%. So if Susan is in the first 3 months, calculate every PV  in her generation by 30%. If she is past month 3, you will use 100% of their PV, and calculate 3% on it if she is in Gen 3. I am so thankful for tools like YL Insight, and Oily Tools to help calculate. In the early days, when I was Silver, I had to calculate everything manually to have an estimate of what my cheque could be! Now we have these apps to help us. One other  way to see where you're getting paid at is clicking on your commission in the virtual office and it will provide you with the breakdowns. You will see as you rise in ranks that Generations is where you will be earning the bulk of your commission. 


Very similar to Generation payment, this is .5% of YL's total commissionable sales shared between Diamonds per month. The average share is about $1600. Again, this amount differs each month based on that month's sales and number of diamonds+ that month.
Diamonds: 1 share (approx $1600)
Crown Diamond: 2 shares (approx $3200)
Royal Crown Diamond: 3 shares (approx $4800)