Use PV Assist, a very simple feature, to protect your order from falling below your designated level! With thousands of orders daily, the chances of a product going out of stock and falling OFF your order is definitely a possibility. Having PV Assist is the way you protect the level of PV you want to have each month.

For example, if you set up 100pv, and something goes out of stock, YL will use PV Assist to pull a product of your choice to fill the order. This ensures you get the free promo orders you deserve! We receive free promos at 100pv (on ER), 190pv, 250pv and 300pv single order usually each month.

Also, be sure to watch these bench marks if your order gets close. You will earn additional free product for your order reaching these. Everyday people miss out on free product by just a few dollars. 🙁 Everyone wants their free product right? Absolutely!