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Headaches for 20+ years.
Night terrors for 4+ years.
Respiratory issues for too many years to count.

That was our family, when we were using regular store bought products. We didn't know the fumes were not healthy for us; we didn't know that getting pneumonia and bronchitis was common, but not normal. It was just regular life to us, that we had to put up with and suffer through.

It wasn't until I found out there are harmful ingredients in those products, that I decided I wanted better for my family, and ditched those cleaners, plug ins, sprays and more. Right away, my family's health improved.

Then, with the help of Young Living products, our health has stayed incredibly well. We highly recommend you look at the Dirty Dozen ingredients such as SLS, fragrance and colour, and replace them with plant based, essential-oil infused, high quality Young Living products. Our lives have been changed, and we are happy to help!

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