Right now you must be wondering how you can get these life-changing oils. They are so powerful and imagine the good you can do with them!

If you are already a member of Young Living, high five to you! You can easily purchase the kit in your virtual office. They are available in Canada as single oils in the OTG Canadian cart or as a kit in the NFR US section.

If you are not a member yet, today is the day you can do so! You can contact the person who directed you to this class for their referral number since Young Living is a referral-based company. It does not cost you extra, and getting your friend’s number links you with them so they can continue to provide support and education to you. This is important!

If you found your way here and do not have a friend with YL, I invite you to check out our members or I would be happy to work with you personally. Members who join with The Daily Oilers team get access to our team exclusive Facebook page and classes, events, community, training, incentives and more. You can click here to get started today.

There’s 3 ways to buy products including this kit, from Young Living.

The first is a good way, by becoming a retail member. That means you buy at full price but it is good if you want access to the products.

A better way is to become a wholesale member, which is FREE. You buy what you want, when you want, and have no requirement to share or sell. Although when you love the product and see it work for yourself, you may just want to do so, and in that case, your wholesale account would already be set up for you. This way is better because you save 24% off the retail price!

The best way is to open your wholesale account, and join Essential Rewards. Just like it likely took years for all the emotions and damage to build up, it will also take time and effort to release them and move towards healthy emotional status. More oils may help, as would removing toxins from personal care products. Less burden on the body and organs means more energy, better flow and more healing is able to occur. Drinking Ningxia Red daily would give your body full-body nutrients to cope with stresses, for example. By joining Essential Rewards and getting personalized products each month, you would be on your way to correcting years of emotional buildup or trauma. You would receive 24% off retail plus receive 10-25% back in ER points for free products. This is the best way to go!

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