Name: Anita Current
Member since: 2015
Young Living Independent Distributor Member #3025472
Tel: 778-829-3700

I grew up in Prince George, B.C. My parents both Croatian born and raised came to Canada in the early 1970’s. They raised my brother and I very traditionally. After I graduated I moved to Vancouver and took Flight Attendance and Travel & Tourism course, I had the desire to travel. I was a free spirit.

I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and lived and worked there for a year. After that I went to work for Club Med. I lived and worked in St.Lucia and Turks and Caicos. Both located in the British West Indies. I met my husband, Jeremy Current, in Turks & Caicos. He was a Scuba Instructor from the United States and I was a Snorkelling Instructor. We decided to get married and move back to Canada so that we could start a family and give our children stability that we would not have raising a family in Club Med.

We have three beautiful boys who keep us very busy. We have full time jobs and have been working in “ The Rat Race” for 16 years. We both were not feeling fulfilled. Work, Pay bills, living pay check to pay check, take kids from here to there…. isn’t there more to life than this?

Then, we had a health scare, we realized that we needed to make a change. How could we better our lives, the lives of our children and the lives of others? How could we make a difference? We decided to start a journey down a path that lead to a more natural way of living. We started exercising, eating healthier and feeling better, but this was still not enough… I then discovered Young Living Essential Oils® through a friend who had been using and selling them for a couple of years. so, I thought I would try it out. I started to learn about the oils and use the oils. We started researching the benefits of the oils and implementing them in our daily lives. We started to change our home to a chemical free home and continue to try to eat healthier and exercise. I started to feel better. My husband and children started to feel better. We realized that we were going to continue to use the oils so I decided to become a distributor, so that I could benefit from the wholesale pricing.

People started to notice the change in our family, and then they too wanted to try and began the journey as well. Now not only were we feeling healthier but we have started being able to pay off some of our bills. In turn this has started to give us more time to spend with our kids, more flexibility and less stress. Life is good! We want to help others feel good, go chemical free and enhance their own health and wellness. We want to share our journey with you.